Lotus Elise 220 Sport (English)

Accelerate, turn and stop.

These are the most basic functions a vehicle performs. The Lotus Elise does all this. And a lot more. With finesse, style and cool. Just look at it.

The midship mounted engine is the key component which gives the Lotus Elise its cool and finesse simultaneously. As a result, the mass is focused close to the middle of the vehicle, distributing the vehicle’s weight nearly equally upon all tires. The figure of the car is laid low, intregrating stability and agility into a seemingly contradictory balance.

The Lotus Elise offers outstanding performance on public roads as it does on highways, mountain passes or a closed course. Almost anybody, almost anywhere will feel just as comfortable in it and the high driving standards it offers.

Contradictory? Yes. Balanced? Yes. Real? Absolutely.

Vehicle Specifications:

  • 1798cc DOHC 4 cylinder supercharged
  • 6 speed manual transmission
  • 904kg unladen weight
  • 4498mm/1701mm/1148mm(lxwxh)
  • Seating for 1 driver and 1 passenger
  • Heating
  • 12 volt cigar jack with USB adapter
  • Smartphone holder

How to:

Remove and install the roof

  1. Unpack the roof gear, stowed in the luggage compartment behind the seats. This includes the roof canvas, two side rails, two roof bows and a 5mm hexagonal wrench
  2. Fit the side rails into the mating point on the windscreen pillar first and then clip the rail in at the rear mount.
  3. Fit the two roof bows into the side rails and fold them down. The roof bows are identical.
  4. Lay the roof canvas on the bows and fit the clips of the leading edge into the lips of the windscreen. Make sure the whole length from corner to corner is snug.
  5. Fasten the studs on each side rail. There are three on each side.
  6. Fit the two tail pins into the keyhole slots on the vehicle body.
  7. IMPORTANT! The right pin is tightened clockwise while the left pin is tightened counterclockwise. Use the hexagonal wrench to tension the cams.
  8. Erect the roof bows to fully tension the roof.
  9. Reverse the process to remove the roof.
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  1. Stop the ignition and remove the key.
  2. Insert the tank cap key into the cap, turn it one quarter clockwise, one quarter counterclockwise and withdraw.
  3. The tank cap is removed by unscrewing counterclockwise.
  4. Fill tank with unleaded RON 95 gasoline.
  5. The cap is self-locking. Fit and turn clockwise until it clicks at least three times.
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Open the rear trunk

  1. Unlock by pulling the trigger mounted by the driver’s side door panel.
  2. Open the trunk lid and use rod to hinge it open.
  3. Lay the lid and gently press down to close.
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